Three Contra Costa Zinfandel 2018

$ 16.00
Three Contra Costa Zinfandel 2018

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Matt Cline’s Three Wine Company 2018 Zinfandel packs a wallop of juicy, spicy Zin fruit. Matt has spent his life dedicated to showcasing one of the oldest grape growing region in the United States, Contra Costa County. It is about an hour’s drive east of the Bay, through the most suburban area imaginable; picture an hour on Route 35…then out of this suburban sprawl lies a bench of ancient sand and some of the oldest vines in America. There are vines of up to 140 years old here, Zin, carignane, alicante bouchet, and probably a bunch of vines that we forgot the name for…anyway, Matt has always been a big champion for these dry-farmed, organically tended parcels and that old vine pedigree and power comes through in everything he makes.

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