Sam Vinciullo Sauvingnon Blanc/ Semillon 2017

$ 22.99
Sam Vinciullo Sauvingnon Blanc/ Semillon 2017

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Sam is a disciple of Etna’s Frank Cornelissen, one of our favs (and Italy’s Yoda of natural wine). So, Sam is the Jedi to Frank’s Yoda, having worked with him on Etna for two years, absorbing his hands-off philosophy then bringing it all back home with him to Australia in 2016, where he is now making sensational natural wines in Margaret River. He is progressive and obsessed about biodiversity, working without sulfites, temperature control, filtration or oak -- practically unheard of in Margaret River. Sam allows fermentation to run wild, with no temperature control, but every stage of vinification is scrupulously monitored, and the winery is spotlessly clean – an important lesson he learned from the great Frank C. Also, he bottles the wine with plenty of trapped CO2 to insure freshness (another trick he learned on Mt. Etna.) T

his guy has serious star quality, and his wines are ALIVE, exactly what we want to drink! Like this vibrant SB / Sémillon blend. Though the grapes are typical of the region, this a skin-contact white (super atypical here) that will make your heart flutter with zingy lemon curd, subtle jalapeno spice (from the Semillon) and pineapple kisses.

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