Ridgemont Reserve 1792 Sweet Wheat Straight Bourbon 91.2 Proof

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Ridgemont Reserve 1792 Sweet Wheat Straight Bourbon 91.2 Proof

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Produced in Bardstown, Kentucky by the Barton 1792 Distillery, which is owned by Sazerac Company (i.e. Buffalo Trace), this is the first and only wheated whiskey in the 1792 lineup. Most bourbons have rye as the second largest contributing grain (bourbon must be 51% corn) but wheaters opt instead to use wheat. Wheaters have been part of the bourbon scene for a long time, and have been popularized by lines like Makers Mark and Van Winkle.  Maker’s Mark is the most common wheated bourbon you’ll find, and serves as an excellent baseline for wheaters to be judged against.


  • No age statement, but allegedly 8(ish) years old.
  • Mash bill info is not disclosed, other than that wheat is used instead of rye alongside the corn and barley.
  • Bottled at 45.6% ABV (91.2 proof).

Nose:  Alcohol prickle creeps up first but is quickly followed by sweet fruitiness.  Almost like a thumbprint cookie, sweet elements dominate here.  The fruit is strong and reminds me of a fruit punch medley with warm vanilla and light toffee underneath.

Palate:  Sweet, light and thin.  The oak is present initially, followed by the sweet fruit punch flavor which pulls this whiskey along your palate.  There is some caramel and vanilla mixed with the fruit and wheat.  This dram shines mid-palate when the sweet vanilla really hits the fruitiness. There’s an odd touch of sourness like wine or maybe apples before it leaves you with a nice pie crust flavor.

Finish:  Lots of soft and fresh literal wheat notes here, alongside fruit and vanilla with a little cream to it-almost custard like, then it goes to that warm baked pie crust.

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