Old Fitzgerald Bottle In Bond 9 Year Straight Whiskey 2020 Release

$ 300.00
Old Fitzgerald Bottle In Bond 9 Year Straight Whiskey 2020 Release

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Old Fitzgerald Bottled-in-Bond is a particularly interesting release, though, because so little about it is specifically consistent. The first two batches in 2018 were 11 years old and 9 years old respectively, but the next two swelled to 13 and then 15 years old, with floating price tags that essentially just added a zero after the age statement. Now, after trending upward, the Spring 2020 release of Old Fitzgerald is right back to 9 years old, an indication that the distillery tends to treat each release as its own animal. All have been warmly embraced by critics and whiskey geeks, not least of all for being housed in what is perhaps the most beautiful bottle on the bourbon market today.

On the nose, this Old Fitz presents with big caramel and cream of wheat/vanilla bean, with underlying wheat bread doughiness and hints of nutty cocoa. Oak is moderate, more of a supporting player here, with a twist of orange citrus and some slightly floral or piney notes that are hard to place.

On the palate, this is big on toffee and rich caramel sauce—very heavy caramelization indeed, which segues into tons of baking spices that lean heavy into cinnamon sugar. Allspice and “Christmas cooki” notes, with toasted bread, candied ginger and slight pine needles. The texture is also nice; silky and lush.

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