Navazos Palazzi Overseas Malt Whisky

$ 104.99
Navazos Palazzi Overseas Malt Whisky

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100% Malted Barley aged 3 Years in Scotland and then sent to Jerez, Spain at 63% full proof and then aged 4 years in Spain. The Overseas Malt line is comprised of a total of 8 casks, with one release per year. This first release is a single cask, cask #12, bottled unfiltered and undiluted in 2017. Equipo Navazos and Nicolas Palazzi, in their quest to offer the spirits connoisseurs a chance to taste exceptional distillates, present "Oversees" Malt Whisky Navazzos-Palazzi.

This whisky is made from malt grown and distilled in Scotland and has spent almost all its life in Spain, aging in casks that once contained Palo Cortado Sherry. It is bottled straight from "bota #12", a single cask, at cask strength.

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