Nahmias Et Fils Mahia Fig Brandy

$ 45.99
Nahmias Et Fils Mahia Fig Brandy

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The traditional spirit of Morocco is now being produced in Yonkers! Distilled from figs with herbs added, this eau de vie was produced and sold primarily by the Jewish population of Morocco, but became a staple in Moroccan culinary culture. The revival of the traditional spirit has been a century-long journey for the Nahmias from their home of Taznakht, Morocco to their little distillery in Yonkers, NY.

Master Distiller David Nahmias' family had distilled this spirit in his home town for generations, but commercial production within Morocco has ceased or gone under ground. The Mahia is made only from the finest ingredients including organic figs and herbs (anise). A truly special and traditional spirit.

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