Michter's 10 Year Bourbon

$ 400.00
Michter's 10 Year Bourbon

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Each year, Michter's releases a 10-year-old single barrel bourbon release in very limited quantities. Few details about the spirit are available. The source of the distillate is unknown, as is it mash bill. This is simply good, solid, well-made bourbon from front to back. The nose carries a solid caramel punch, with touches of banana and coconut. On the palate, rich and well-integrated notes of vanilla and more caramel take center stage, with some smoky char emerging underneath. The finish is fruity offering more banana, more coconut, and some chocolate notes, the ultimate effect being something like a nice little ice cream sundae. Altogether it may not be incredibly complex, but it's so delicious on its own merits that it hardly matters.

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