Meinklang Frizzante Prosa Osterreich Rose NV

$ 19.00
Meinklang Frizzante Prosa Osterreich Rose NV

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A lightly sparkling Pinot Noir with a hint of sweetness on the palate. This comes from Burgenland in Austria and is the type of wine that will woo the senses with flowers, red strawberries and vibrant freshness.

Yes, this wine could be described as "off-dry," but DON'T STOP READING because wine with a *touch* of sugar are an insane treat when it's hot and you're on your tiny terrace eating some cheese before (or, for real, instead of) dinner. But this is also a good food wine. Seriously. This wine would be happy with: Spicy, sticky BBQ. Summer berries (American) Chinese food Mac and cheese.

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