Mary Taylor St. Pourcain Rose 2020

$ 16.00
Mary Taylor St. Pourcain Rose 2020

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An easily approachable rose reveals aromas of peach and apricot with hints of raspberries and rose petals. The wine is full and inviting in the mouth, with great refreshing crispness and a lively return of the aromas on the finish. 

Mary Taylor Description

When founding partner Mary Taylor first fell in love with wine in the early 90s, it was the European classics that truly spoke to her and stole her heart. As a young professional selling wine, she quickly learned to appreciate wine in the “Old World” way — not as a luxury good reserved for special occasions, but a living agricultural product that belongs to everyday life. After many years working with the wines of Europe, Mary arrived at an important insight. Left in the dark by decades of simplistic marketing efforts that placed grape above geography, American consumers needed a brand they could trust to decipher the complex notion of terroir in a clear and straightforward way. Out of this realization, the “White Label” series was born. Today, it is Mary’s mission to unlock the world of European appellation wines by working with individual growers in multiple villages — from Bordeaux to Nîmes to Valençay to the Douro and beyond — who produce exceptional, regionally-distinctive wines at extremely accessible prices. In the traditional spirit of the Old World, each Mary Taylor wine has been selected as a faithful ambassador of its geographic origin, true to local traditions and the vision of the individual farmer who bottled it. All fruit is farmed sustainably or organically, only indigenous varieties are used, fermentations are with native yeast, and only inert vessels are used for aging to yield a set of wines of genuine quality and integrity that will bring the magic of their terroirs to life wherever you choose to enjoy them.

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