Legs Diamond Aged Rye

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Legs Diamond Aged Rye

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Legs Diamond Rye Whiskey is made in small batches from 100% organic rye sourced locally from New York State farms. It is aged for 12 months in 15-gallon new American oak barrels with #3 char, and the final spirit is brought to 80 proof and hand-bottled.  It is also certified kosher.

Appearance: Wildflower honey. Not particularly viscous, with more delicate legs.

Nose: There is a stone fruit sweetness on the nose at first, followed by a savory and astringent tones reminiscent of leatherwork, and then an almost medicinal herbal quality.

Palate: Surprising! There is an almost brandy-esque flavor and mouth-feel upfront. It melds into a pleasant honeycomb and figgy sweetness that is cool on the tongue, evolving to cinnamon stick and peppery warmth going down. The herbal quality apparent in the nose peeks through in the finish, but is overall balanced and dominated(in a good way) by the preceding flavors. 

For a 100% rye whiskey, Legs Diamond Rye Whiskey is certainly unique -- and appealing. It’s sweeter and more interesting than expected for a young rye, especially without being cut with other grain. It stands on its own neat or in a bitters-forward cocktail. It's a great example of just how nuanced distilling really can be.

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