Larceny Barrel Proof Bourbon Whiskey

$ 195.00
Larceny Barrel Proof Bourbon Whiskey

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Nose: The nose opens with sweet brown sugar, mixed forest fruits, grain notes, aswell as a touch of dark chocolate fudge, ethanol, and heavily charred oak and herbaceous cloves. The longer this is left in the glass the less ethanol comes through on the nose with wheat-driven red fruit and clove-heavy charred oak notes coming through with added intensity.

Palate: The palate opens with thick brown sugar syrup drizzled over vibrant red and black forest fruits. As you continue to chew the sweetness dies down and it becomes almost savoury, leaning towards fire-roasted almonds, salted dark chocolate fudge, and a kick of spice from the alcohol and oak. Once this spice fades an earthy mix of old charred oak and faintly bitter herbaceous barrel spices emerge alongside the notes of dark stonefruit whilst a touch of heat travels down along the sides of the tongue.

Finish: The finish opens with residual spice along the sides of the tongue, chocolate fudge, old herbaceous oak tannins, and warmth from the ethanol. The aftertaste is dry tannic oak, a touch of red and black fruit, and herbaceous charred oak. 

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