Kikuhime Daiginjo Sake 'BY'

$ 161.00
Kikuhime Daiginjo Sake 'BY'

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200 bottles available in the US


    • Yokowa AAA Rated Yamada Nishiki milled to 50%
    • BY or “Brew Year” refers to the extended aging: aged for one year before release in June.
    • A complex, bold and dry sake. Has the fresh melon notes associated with highly polished sake, but contrasted by a big structure and chewy texture that broaden the flavor and make it exceedingly complex.
    • Pairs beautifully with a broad range of food, excellent with simple preparations of white fish and vegetables but bold enough to pair with fatty tuna, pork and richer flavors.
    • Can be consumed now to enjoy vibrant fruit or if aged will continue to develop earthy tones.


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