Kentucky Owl 11 Year Straight Rye Batch 2

$ 189.99
Kentucky Owl 11 Year Straight Rye Batch 2

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Kentucky Owl Bourbon was founded in 1879 by C.M. Dedman and is currently led by Dixon Dedman. He recommissioned the brand and released his first batch of bourbon in 2014 and first batch of rye in 2017. 

Rye Batch 2 has a smaller batch volume than Batch 1. It was released in June 2018.

A medium intensity scent billows out of the glass and lures you in with its welcoming aromas. A dessert bakery bouquet of vanilla, custard, caramel, buttercream frosting, and nutmeg. Pleasing and hard to resist.

The dessert bakery theme continues into the palate as toffee, caramel, and vanilla flavors come into focus. Milder notes of cherry, cinnamon, and rye spice are present, but don’t overpower adding a nice layer of depth. It’s a crowd pleaser of flavors that are made smoother thanks to its proof.

The sweeter notes drop off leaving a medium dry, slightly spicy aftertaste. Cinnamon notes and its overall hotness ramp up against a backdrop of leather, burnt caramel, and oak. It’s a nice counter to the sweeter and softer side of the whiskey and reminds the drinker that at its core, this is a rye whiskey.

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