Isolation Proof Winter Gin

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Isolation Proof Winter Gin

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What does winter taste like? At Isolation Proof, winter tastes like warm tea and honey. And gin, of course. This product is a tweak on their original gin’s botanical blend with an infusion of loose-leaf Earl Grey tea, raw honey from the bee hives at their distillery in the Catskills, and spring water from the hillside behind their barn.

Think juniper on the nose, with bergamot from the Earl Grey in the body, and a spicy/sweet finish from the raw honey and cubeb on the tongue.

They sought to make a gin to have in the colder weather. After all, during the Fall/Winter months in many parts of the country, it’s a “scotch and a sweater” or “bourbon and a bonfire” time. But maybe that’s because no one has created the perfect gin accompaniment to winter - until now.

"It’s time for a new cold-weather drink tradition: gin and a pair of gloves. Wool gloves, of course." 
-Isolation Proof team

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