Hope Well Tuesday's Child Rose 2019

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Hope Well Tuesday's Child Rose 2019

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Mimi Casteel has been getting lots of well-deserved attention for her so-called "regenerative farming." Her method doesn't stray as much as it goes beyond traditional organic and Biodynamic principles. Much importance is placed on not tilling the soil: therefore retaining the microbial and mycorrhizal networks in the earth as well as trapping significant amounts of carbon. She is on the cutting edge and still very controversial for this, but visiting her vineyards and hearing her speak on a few occasions, I have to say I'm deeply persuaded.

Her hard work produces some of the finest fruit in Oregon, and thus commands a deservedly high price, and most of her fruit is sold off. There is no question this is a wine made in the vineyard from extraordinarily beautiful and healthy grapes. This is ultimately a wine of transparency and immense pleasure.

Tuesday’s Child spent 48 hours on skins, a longer infusion, at ambient temperature (which was cool, not cold) before going to the press. Fermented using natural yeasts and aged in neutral oak. At 48 hours she was a completely different child than her sister rose, Monday's Child, spice and bramble in her hair.

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