Eric Philippe NV Extra Brut Champagne

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Eric Philippe NV Extra Brut Champagne

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The Extra Brut is finely crafted using Pinot Noir, the dominant fruit, complimented with Chardonnay, which brings out the freshness of the blend. The high percentage of reserve wines (30% to 40%), aged in barrels, confers a high regularity and style to this Champagne.

Only Grand and Premier Crus are used with origins in the Montagne de Reims, from our vineyards managed by our Chateau.

With our delicate pressing process, we preserve the lushness of our grapes allowing their unique complexity to shine. This wine developed its powerful charcter and richness after aging on leez for three years. Upon disgorgment only a normal Dosage (1g/L) the Multi-Vintage Extra Brut was needed to balance this exceptional wine.

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