Emrich-Schonleber Halenberg Riesling GG 2017

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Emrich-Schonleber Halenberg Riesling GG 2017

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The smallest location Monzingens is exclusively planted with Riesling; with 5.3 ha, being the lion's share. Oriented to the south and with up to 70% slope, the Halenberg, with its stony, characterized by blue slate and quartzite ground, the vines a lot. Inevitably, they have to fight for their water again and again in summer. The grapes remain so small berry and develop a very fine aroma. Only golden yellow grapes from the best plots are used for the large greenhouse. The wine is aged 100% in a large oak barrel. Typical of the Halenberg is its finely structured salty mineral nature. It has a wonderful mouthfeel and complexity, shows an intense herbal spiciness and is reminiscent of ripe grapefruit. Enormous taste length.

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