Brigaldara Valpolicella 2019

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Brigaldara Valpolicella 2019

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The Cesari family bought the Brigaldara estate nearly a century ago, but full-time winemaking really began in 1979. By 1991, Brigaldara amassed almost 100 acres outside the village of San Floriano (near Verona) which yield 200,000 bottles of Amarone, Recioto, Ripassa, and Valpolicella. Made from Veneto's classic red varietals, the 2019 Valpolicella is a 13% ABV blend of Corvinone 55%, Corvina 25%, and Rondinella 20% that is aged in steel for six months. 

Medium-bodied, dry. A seductive ruby-red in the glass with a floral nose and palate of cherries, chocolate, and spice. The earthy finish is bright and fresh with substantial depth.  This is an elegant Valpo - nothing overripe or sappy about it! 

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