Blanton's Gold Edition 11-4-19

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Blanton's Gold Edition 11-4-19

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Awarded Single Cask of the Year 2019 in Jim Murray's Whisky Bible

Blanton’s Gold is a sour mash premium bourbon whiskey, chill-filtered and bottled at 51.5% abv / 103 Proof. It was the second of the Blanton’s labels to join the Blanton’s Bourbon lineup. Like all Blanton’s it is distilled by Buffalo Trace from their ‘high-rye’ bourbon mash bill #2 - believed to consist of between 12% and 15% rye, 5% malted barley and 80% to 83% corn.

Blanton’s Gold Edition is aged for ‘more than 6 years’ in Warehouse H using char #4 barrels. Char level #4 is the result of exposing the internal surfaces of new oak barrels to 55 seconds of flames, it is referred to as “alligator char,” as it produces a wood texture similar to an alligator’s skin. 

In 2019 Blanton’s Gold Edition was awarded Single Cask of the year by Jim Murray. His tasting notes were On the nose aromas of marmalade, honeycomb, polished leather and a wisp of rye. A zillion little flavour explosions erupt around the palate, offering hints of ginger amid the Demerara oak and sweet corn. It dries quickly with some deft liquorice."

Blanton’s Gold is for sale in selected international markets. As stated on Blanton’s website, Blanton’s Gold Edition is ‘not available in the United States’ on the primary retail market.

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