Absinthe Vieux Pontarlier

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Absinthe Vieux Pontarlier

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Reputed to have the best terroir for wormwood, Pontarlier has long been considered the "Capital of Absinthe." Alembic stills render this absinthe a bit rounder in style with a marked intensity of flavor.

This is a truly terroir driven absinthe. It is a beautiful, expressive and unique one. Far from just the typical syrupy, licorice driven artificial green food colored absinthes out there. This one is a real beauty and uniquely refreshing. Vieux Pontarlier, at it's heart, is a small batch absinthe utilizing 100 year old alembic stills, and 19th century techniques along with regionally grown exceptional wormwood to produce as historically accurate a French absinthe as you can get! The nose reveals beautiful expressive notes of real wormwood along with lots of citrus, fennel, herbs de Provence, and orange rind. Flavors of citrus, sarsaparilla, alpine herbs, star anise and even chocolate play on the palate! 

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